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All very good points lol

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Me and my Boyfriend

Just in case you’re wondering what he looks like(;


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One of My Heroes: Seth MacFarlane


He’s a very brilliant man. One can have a very intelligent conversation with a man like this. Funny, smart, handsome, a great singer, and a talented artist. Not to mention, a supporter of gay rights(;

He has said he doesn’t know what he wants out of a relationship. He says he has trouble meeting and treating the right woman. But he’s still very open.

He is an atheist with no real problems on the subject of religion like some claim. Being an atheist simply means he has nothing to do with it.

His voice is extremely flexible as one could tell with the many voices he performs. It’s suave and kind of reminds me of a DJ on smooth jazz radio XD His singing voice has a classical feel to it. It’s said that he despises modern day music and from what I can tell he really enjoys music from 40’s.

He had a very close near death experience with 9/11 when he missed his flight that morning do to a hangover and scrambled schedule. He didn’t let it bother him too much do to the fact he didn’t know what was going on during the incident, along with everyone else.

I love the fact he knew what he wanted out of life just at the shy age of nine when he announced to his parents he wanted to be an animator. He began writing comic strips for his local newspaper when eleven years old. Haha he even got controversy over his work then when he drew a strip of a boy kneeling at the altar asking “can I have fries with that?”

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Panther: My Favorite Animal


They’re so beautiful and sleek as they prowl through the jungle. Just their stare stuns their prey into submission-a whole new meaning to the phrase “if looks could kill”. They can climb the highest trees and rest on the branches until they see something below they can attack.

They are very temperamental creatures and not something you want to come across while on a personal tour of the jungle. Everything is a threat to them, forcing them to be very solitary, almost like me.

I don’t feel threatened by anything or have trouble making friends, but I do like my privacy as an individual. I can also be very…aggressive when even the smallest of things anger me. But other than that, they are the exact opposite of myself. I’m not as graceful, stunning, or as laid back as them, which is why they are my favorite animal. Kind of like a symbol of what I want to be.

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File 9: Why I Love Getting Sick

I don’t know about some of you, but I actually like getting sick. No, not because I get to miss school, I even like getting sick on the weekends, and not the type of severe sicknesses like polio or even stomach flu. I just mean common ones like colds, ear infections, etc.

Being sixteen years old, friends always want to either hang out or go out. I think it’s because parents tell them these are the “golden years” and we should live it up while we can. And though this is very true, my favorite thing to do is just sit on the couch, watch recorded episodes of Family Guy and pig out on left over halloween candy, christmas cookies, and microwaved bacon XD.

When I tell my friends I don’t want to go out, they get bored and complain until I do. I have a bad habit of surrounding myself with very immature people :/. I don’t understand why they can’t just accept the fact I don’t want to do anything and leave already?! But no. They stay, complain and bug me.

But when I get sick, they have no choice but to stay away and give me time to myself. And I love it. I love being alone sometimes. I’ve always been a very solitary individual; not in the case of actually making friends. That’s never been a problem for me. But staying solitary seems to be my biggest faux pas lately… I guess I’ll find a way to fix it eventually but for now, I think I’ll enjoy my time in bed(:

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File 8: Boyfriends and Bitches…

Soo I can’t kiss my boyfriend until this stupid cold goes away… Speaking of him, some girls can such bitches!

Apparently, the other day in a class my boyfriend and some other girl are in together, she told him to sit next to her and she asked him all snarky, “Are you still dating Kate?”

And he said “yeah…?”

And then she replied with “Oh my God when are you gonna break up with her already?” and after that she just said “Oh my god just kidding, just kidding. But you guys have been together forever!”

Then after that, she started tickling him even after he asked her to stop. But the weird part was, she almost touched his, ahem, ‘no-no spot’.

What the heck? And soo many other girls have said that she’s self absorbed and flirts with everyone else’s boyfriends! Ugh! I can’t stand girls like that. Hope she gets her self confidence back one day…

It’s not that I’m jealous. You can only be jealous if you think something is really going to happen. It was actually my boyfriend who told me all this and I know he loves me just as much as I love him. But it’s just, why would you even go there? I mean, do you want to steal him for me? Or are you really just trying to raise your self esteem by thinking you can??

Whatever. The important thing is I trust him and I’m his girlfriend. No one else’s (;

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File 7: First Anniversary…Not First Time :/

WARNING: This particular post is NOT meant to be read for little kiddies! Contains mild sexual content! Be warned!

Well, my boyfriend and I ended up not making love last night for the first time like we had been planning. I stopped him but he seemed to agree(: Don’t worry, we were gonna use extra protection. I’ve been on the pill for a couple of weeks now and he bought a box of ultra thin condoms.

Why did I stop him? It was our first real anniversary. No, not our weekaversary, not our monthaversary; I am proud to say as of last night at 8:00pm, my boyfriend and I have been together for one whole year^_^ We lasted a lot longer than people said we would. I’m so happy!

And we’re still in the honeymoon stage! True, we have gotten into fights. A lot actually XD But we always keep them discreet so as others respect our privacy. But all he has to do is give me one phone call saying he’s sorry and he’ll take me somewhere that coming weekend^_^ Not saying I don’t ever have to apologize for things, too but I just like the way he can make me go from being upset to the happiest girl in the world 😀 I hope I make him feel that way, too… I would guess so, seeing as he stuck with me for a whole year! Lol

Anyways, back to last night. Well, everything was perfect. He got me flowers, he put on his favorite Tupac CD (I made him turn it off though lol I like rap songs but not to put me in the mood like he had hoped XD), and I had my white lingerie on. It was all set up perfectly but I don’t know… Once we got passed a couple “bases”, I stopped him and told him I still thought I wasn’t ready. He understood, he’s a really good boyfriend.

Yeah, a whole year of dating and I’m still not ready. Or maybe it’s not cause I’m not ready, because it felt like I was before, but maybe I just don’t want to feel that kind of pleasure yet after my sister has only been gone for two and a half weeks. I know I shouldn’t let it effect my love life but I just miss her so much. And I can’t stop thinking about her. *Sigh* I wish she could just tell me what to do again…

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File 6: The One That Got Away

So I talked to my sister’s boyfriend last night until 3:00am and he told me something that I felt I must share with the world to let all others know that their lost loved ones are still very present in their lives.

At her funeral, they all released balloons as a symbolic gesture of letting go. They released them from her boyfriends house and one of them had floated all the way from his place to our Nana’s. It had landed gracefully on a blanket in the bed of our Nana’s truck. One of the many places she, her boyfriend and I would sit and talk about anything that popped into our heads.

We literally made a short list of our life goals in chronological order! She, her boyfriend, and I were all gonna go to ASU and live in a two bedroom apartment together. The old trio XD Then we’d move to LA and she and her boyfriend would have five kids! And since I didn’t really ever see myself having kids of my own in the future, I was already labeled as the kooky aunt that spoiled their kids with gifts!! XD LOL So true… It was all pictured so well in my head…

Talking about our future,
Like we had a clue.
Never planned that one day,
I’d be losing you

I love my sister and it hurts that she’s gone. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this much pain. She was beautiful. I remember always being so jealous of her. She was the most innocent girl her age I had ever met! The aura she had to her was…irresistible. You couldn’t be away from her for more than five minutes without wanting to hear more of her goofiness and precious thoughts of the world.

In another life,
I would be your girl.
We keep all our promises,
Be us against the world.

We fought a lot. We were sisters? Complete normalcy. But it would always be about silly things like how much butter went into a pasta or how we sometimes felt the one of us was ignoring the other. We were each others best friends lucky enough to be sisters.

All this money can’t buy me a time machine.

It doesn’t matter what I do with my future now, she won’t be in it like we had been looking forward to so much. I wish I could just go back in time to two weeks ago and change everything that’s happened… But it’s impossible. And the worst part is…I have no clue how to move on from here…

In another life,
I would make you stay,
So I don’t have to say,
You were the one that got away.

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Apple Cobbler


I don’t know about anyone else but I love apple cobbler! Yummm I will definitely be baking this!

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